Maintaining Your Sand Filter System


Proper installation of your sand filter system will ensure trouble free operation and maintenance throughout the pool season.


  1. Assemble filter base, attach pump and motor assembly, and place filter tank in base
  2. Place standpipe and laterals inside filter tank and attach laterals to standpipe; if laterals are already attached, be sure they are in the fully down position
  3. Fill tank at least half way with water
  4. Be sure to center and cover top of standpipe; for example: you could use a plastic bag and rubber band
  5. Using new sand, pour the required amount of sand in around the standpipe and lateral assembly; be sure to keep standpipe centered during this process. (See manufacturer’s requirements for the correct quantity and type of sand)
  6. Place dial valve head on filter tank and secure it with the dial valve clamp
  7. Connect high pressure hose from pump output fitting to the dial valve head input fitting
  8. Connect hose from bottom of skimmer to pump assembly input fitting on front of strainer housing
  9. Connect hose from output fitting on dial valve head to return fitting on pool
  10. Be sure to replace the strainer basket into the strainer housing
  11. Lubricate the strainer cover o-ring (using water based or silicone based lubricant only!)
  12. Fill strainer housing with water and seat the strainer cover onto the strainer housing
  13. Move the dial valve from the winter setting to the rinse position and start the filter system
  14. Fill the pool until the water level is ¾ of the way up the skimmer opening
  15. Connect backwash hose to waste output fitting
  16. Run filter for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute to clear any fine sand particles from the lines of the filter system
  17. Turn off the filter system
  18. Move the dial valve setting from rinse setting to filter setting
  19. Turn the filter system on and document the pressure gauge reading
  20. Check system for any leaks and correct as necessary

Congratulations! You have successfully started up your sand filter system. You may now begin your normal filtering schedule. It is recommended that the filter be run a minimum of 10 hours a day. For 27′ through 33′ pools, the filter should run at least 12 hours per day.


Cleaning the filter flushes out dirt caught in the filter. Cleaning should be performed when the pressure on the filter increases 5-10 PSI above its normal reading. Normal reading is defined as the beginning pressure when the filter is first started after cleaning or when first hooking the filter up.


  1. Turn off the filter system
  2. Connect backwash hose to waste output fitting
  3. Move dial valve setting from filter to backwash
  4. Turn the filter system on
  5. Run filter until sight glass clears up - this could take between 1 – 5 minutes
  6. Turn off the filter system
  7. Move dial valve setting from backwash to rinse
  8. Turn the filter system on
  9. Rinse for approximately 1 minute to remove any sand from the lines
  10. Turn off the filter system
  11. Move the dial valve setting from rinse to filter
  12. Disconnect backwash hose from waste output fitting
  13. Turn on filter system and document pressure gauge reading to determine next cleaning time

Congratulations! You have successfully cleaned your sand filter system. You may now return to your normal filtering schedule.


It is very important that you properly store your filter system for the winter to avoid any damage that could be caused by the freezing temperatures.


  1. Remove the drain plug from the bottom of the filter tank and allow all water to drain from the system
  2. Disconnect the input and output hoses from the system
  3. Disconnect the high pressure hose that connects the pump to the dial valve head
  4. Move the dial valve setting to the winter setting for storage
  5. Remove the dial valve head clamp
  6. Remove the dial valve head from the filter tank
  7. Empty the sand from the filter tank and dispose of used sand
  8. Remove and inspect standpipe and lateral assembly to ensure proper functionality
  9. Using your garden hose, spray out the inside of the filter tank to remove all remaining sand
  10. Remove strainer cover from pump assembly and clean strainer basket
  11. Be sure to clear any debris and remove all water from the pump and strainer as well as filter tank
  12. Wipe away any existing lubricants from dial valve head o-ring and strainer cover o-ring
  13. Store dial valve head as well as pump and motor assembly in climate controlled environment for winter. You may store tank and standpipe/lateral assembly in a shed or garage for winter. DO NOT LEAVE FILTER SYSTEM OUTSIDE!