Opening & Weekly Care

When the temperatures start rising in Wisconsin and we put away our snow shovels for the season, it is time to prepare your pool for summer. Spending a little time and money now will help prevent unnecessary damage and wear on your pool and equipment. Your pool has sat all winter, hopefully with a nice tight cover to prevent debris from entering. Now is the time to ensure the water and chemicals in your pool are at the optimal levels and are free of bacteria and algae.

Below are some instructions that Allied Pools recommends to ensure you and your pool are ready for the season. We also have some weekly pool maintenance guidelines to keep your pool and equipment running smooth all season long. Be sure to refer to our Filter Maintenance pages for more information regarding their proper care. (Cartridge Filter SystemSand Filter System, and D.E. Filter System)

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  1. Remove the winter cover being careful not to get debris in the pool
  2. Attach the wall skimmer and replace gaskets (if needed)
  3. Connect filter system to the wall skimmer and water return
  4. Fill the pool with garden hose to the fill line located on the skimmer door
  5. Use Havilind Spot and Stain Remover to clean the liner (if needed)
  6. Vacuum pool
  7. Run your filter continuously for 12 hours
  8. Balance the pH and alkalinity of the water
  9. Insert the new Nature 2 cartridge (MUST be replaced every spring)
  10. Dissolve Conditioner/Stabilizer in hot water and pour through the skimmer with the pump running (for sand or D.E. filters, do not backwash filter for 24 hours)
  11. Add Zappit directly to the pool with the filter running
  12. Add algaecide (if needed)
  13. Run filter for 48 hours keeping chlorine levels at least 3 ppm (more Zappit may need to be added to maintain the high chlorine level)
  14. After initial 48 hours, maintain chlorine levels at .5 ppm – 1 ppm
  15. Customers with the Nature 2/Zodiac Pro A Feeder: Completely fill the “Z” Tab chamber; chlorine levels should be maintained at 0.5 ppm – 1 ppm


  • Test water with Aquacheck Test Strips and balance pH and alkalinity as needed
  • Nature 2 Zodiac Pro A Feeder – Refill the “Z” Tab chamber as needed; chlorine levels should be maintained at .5 ppm – 1 ppm
  • Run your filter system 10-12 hours every day

NOTE: During extreme heat or heavy rain, additional super sticks may be needed.


Pool Sizes – 12′, 15′, 16′, 18′, 21′, 12′ x 24′

  • Save $$$$ – Allied Opening Kit, or 2 bags of Zappit
  • 1 bottle of Conditioner
  • 1 bottle of Algaecide 600

Pool Sizes – 24′, 16′ x 24′, 16 ′x 32′, 18′ x 34′

  • Save $$$$ – Allied Opening Kit, or 3 bags of Zappit
  • 2 bottles of Conditioner
  • 2 bottles of Algaecide 600

Pool Sizes – 27′, 28′, 30′, 33′, 18′ x 38′, 21′ x 41′

  • Save $$$$ – Allied Opening Kit
  • 4 bags of Zappit
  • 2 bottles of Conditioner
  • 2 bottles of Algaecide 600