My Pool is Full of Shredded Tissue Paper!

Bacterial and algae growths occur naturally in any body of water. Most bacteria that occurs in pools is not harmful, but simply causes problems, such as cloudy water, green water, or unsightly buildups that can damage equipment. Some growths are very visible and can clog equipment quickly. Water Mold is a whitish, mucous-like substance that looks like shredded tissue paper when floating in the water. It is not harmful to humans, but is unsightly, and can clog equipment. Water mold usually begins in the filter lines, and by the time it becomes visible, the growth is often quite heavy. Below are some steps that can help eliminate water mold. If you have any additional questions or need to buy chemicals or new pool equipment, contact us today or visit our convenient location in West Allis.

Chlorine Pool Treatment

  1. Read all treatment steps and chemical labels before beginning
  2. Clean the filter; backwash sand filterschange D.E., or hose off cartridge filter
  3. Adjust pH to 7.2-7.4
  4. Shock the pool with three times the normal dose of Allied Pool Shock (the normal dose consists of 1 gallon of Allied Pool Shock per 10,000 gallons of water)
  5. Brush pool walls and bottom thoroughly
  6. Run the filter continuously overnight
  7. Next morning, turn the filter off, brush pool thoroughly, and allow material to settle before vacuuming; vacuum to waste, if possible, to avoid having to clean your filter again; this also allows the mold to not have a chance to build up in your filter again
  8. If mold is still present, repeat the entire process
  9. Chemically clean the filter with Kleen It; follow the directions on the bottle for sand, D.E., and cartridge filters
  10. Add a maintenance dose of 4 ounces of Allied Pools Super Algaecide 600 per 10,000 gallons of pool water 5 to 7 days after treatment and each week going forward

Flat Pool Gallonage (48″ Pool)


  • 12′ = 3,100
  • 16′ = 5,500
  • 18′ = 6,700
  • 21′ = 9,000
  • 24′ = 12,000 
  • 28′ = 16,500


  • 12′ x 24′ = 7,000
  • 16′ x 24′ = 9,000
  • 16′ x 32′ = 12,250
  • 18′ x 34′ = 14,300
  • 41′ x 21′ = 20,000