Jacuzzi Spas

Jacuzzi spas are a great way to relax. Hydrotherapy benefits the mind and body. Warm water in motion stimulates endorphins, the natural painkillers your body puts to good use in so many ways. Add in the soothing lights or rainbow waterfall and some soft music through the built-in stereo system and let your pain and stress wash away. Alternatively invite some friends and turn up the music to relax your body while having a fun get-together. Jacuzzi tubs come in various colors to fit the style of your home or outdoor living space. The color for the cabinet and the shell of the hot tub can be customized separately to ensure the right combination.

Allied Pools offers the best in Jacuzzis ranging from 2 person capacities to tubs that can fit 6 adults. The smaller tubs are sized just right to allow for easy transport and placement within your house. The number of jets per tub is also an important feature when comparing hot tubs. Jacuzzi tubs range from around 15 jets in the smaller two person models to almost 50 in the larger ones. All Jacuzzi hot tubs can be placed outside to complete your outdoor living space.

J-315 - Jacuzzi for 2-3 adults

Jacuzzi J-315

The small Jacuzzi J-315™ hot tub presents pleasant possibilities with very few responsibilities. Sized for compact spaces, this small portable hot tub fits through standard doorways for easy delivery and set up yet provides spacious interior seating. Maintenance is simple,... Read more »

Jacuzzi J-325 Overhead

Jacuzzi J-325

Take a close look at the Jacuzzi® J-325™hot tub. Note how this couple’s hot tub is cozy and spacious at the same time, with side-by-side seating that includes armrests. Plus, there is enough room to accommodate four adults comfortably –... Read more »

J-335 - 4-5 Adult Hot Tub

Jacuzzi J-335

Hydrotherapy benefits the mind and body. Warm water in motion stimulates endorphins, the natural painkillers your body puts to good use in so many ways. The Jacuzzi® FX10™ Therapy Seat in the J-335™ (and other... Read more »

Jacuzzi J-345

Jacuzzi J-345

The new J-345™ hot tub is an improved version of what was already one of Jacuzzi’s most popular hot tubs. It’s a best seller partly because when people buy hot tubs, they look for balanced design and dimension. The J-345... Read more »

J-355 Overhead

Jacuzzi J-355

There is something to be said for having it all, and the J-355™ delivers. Check out this hot tub spa’s patented jets, ProAir™ Lounge seat, and the engineering marvel known as the FX 10™ Therapy Seat, and the optional AquaSound™... Read more »

J-365 Overhead

Jacuzzi J-365

To move in ways that play to all of the senses in the J-365™ spa. Listen to the sounds of the Water Rainbow waterfall. Give in to the mesmerizing sight of cascading water, backlit with brilliant color. Let the water... Read more »

J-375 - Hot Tub with 6 Adult Capacity

Jacuzzi J-375

Back by popular demand, the Jacuzzi J-375™ spa is the flagship model of the J-300 series hot tubs. With 34 PowerPro Jets and 12 PowerPro BX Jets the maximum in relaxation is provided in this Jacuzzi spa. All you have... Read more »

J-470 Overhead

Jacuzzi J-470

Jacuzzi J-400™ spas provide padded headrests that move up and down to accommodate different body heights. Another one of the many ways Jacuzzi helps you relax, the J-400 Hot Tub Collection’s adjustable pillows are unlike those in other large hot... Read more »

J-480 - Large Party Size Hot Tub

Jacuzzi J-480

The ultimate in luxury hot tubs. The Jacuzzi J-480 spa showcases the Collection’s dramatic new curved profile. Behind the WaterColour™ feature, the shaped acrylic edge of these spas creates a vertical drop that plays up the waterfall effect – so... Read more »